Gumeni brod


Standard equipment

  • Deep “V” moulded fibreglass hull

  • Anti-slip deck surface

  • Uniquely-constructed welded inflatable buoyancy tube in Italian style, with three hermetically-separated chambers

  • Sport steering console with soft seat for two persons, stainless steel arc

  • Full outboard protection guards against scuffing, and keeps inside of boat dry

  • Safety grab-ropes on tubes

  • Bow towing ring, two towing rings located on the tube, two rear towing rings and one bow ring for lifting

  • Cockpit drain plug

  • Hull drain plug

  • Nose handle, two rear handles for ease of carrying.

  • Foot-pump with valve adaptor

  • Emergency repair kit in plastic container, including material and adhesive

  • Superb storage bag contains oars, foot-pump, repair kit

  • Operation manual